Spy vs. Spy

by dawfun

Scarecrow and Momma Lovell went on a rant today about the mobs of people out there who demand to wear their burka (“a black sheet over their head, looking like a ghost”) while being photographed for their driver’s license.  Scarecrow made the point that driving is a privilege–a privilege!!–and if they won’t show their face for a driver’s license photo, they should ride a bike instead.  Scarecrow was concerned that they’d just need one ID they would share among all of them, since you couldn’t see their face.


The Dude abides.

Seems to me like it would be a lot easier to just drive around without a license (these are suspected terrorists, after all), but maybe people who wear burkas are the kinds of terrorists who want to make sure they’re in compliance with all the appropriate traffic laws, and they can’t get insurance without being licensed.  That’s probably the scam going on here.

Momma Lovell, in her true-Christian fashion, followed his lead and they frothed themselves up into some kind of KKK revival meeting. I hadn’t heard that much ignorant hate since I lived in Texas.  It was the black sheets vs. the white sheets in this conversation, and the black sheets were out numbered.

Now, while it does seem absurd to any rational human being to insist on having an ID photo taken while covering one’s face, it’s hardly some kind of epidemic terrorist conspiracy where the DOL is packed full of burka-covered women seeking their driver’s license.  So, go lay down some rat traps in your rat-shit covered basement and eat some oatmeal.