Commuting adventures between Tacoma and Seattle.

Month: October, 2013


The Scarecrow is used to seeing “5 or 6” rats in his house every year.  In fact, he got so tired of reloading the rat traps that he got traps with plastic cheese (for the plastic rats, I suppose).  He doesn’t mind mice, which begs the question how does he protect the mice from his rat traps.

Everything in his basement is covered in rat droppings, he reports.  Ew.

When the Black Plague breaks out in Tacoma, I have a good idea of where to look for patient zero.


Commuter Haiku

My time has run very short these days, and I’ve necessarily abandoned my Sounder 1502 commuter blog of frustration for a time.  With the new schedule change on the train, I thought I’d mix it up a bit and bring you the same pleasure from my daily pain, but in a more compact and efficient form: the haiku.

(I can’t believe this wasn’t taken yet.)