NEWS FLASH: The Lazy B is in it for the Money.

by dawfun

Ohhhhhhhh.  It’s a profit deal.

Yesterday The Scarecrow was talking about an all hands meeting at Boeing that he was required to attend that day.  Said it was about headcount.  As we all know, that kind of thing never turns out well.

This morning he reports that they’re laying off a few thousand people because of the 787 problems.  The Scarecrow shares the shocking realization the Boeing isn’t there to provide jobs, but to make money for shareholders.  Apparently this was the message he received at the big meeting, and was news to him.

It sucks getting laid off, particularly when the company has been mismanaged, though the shock and horror in The Scarecrow’s voice was more about entitlement and amazement that Boeing isn’t there to provide him a paycheck regardless of company performance. 

IMHO, Boeing has always been a layoff machine: feast or famine.  That anyone there still has the idea that they could work at Boeing uninterrupted for any length of time is pretty surprising.  It’s also surprising to hear the discussion turn to wonder about why Boeing has been steadily backing away from the unions in the PNW.

Whatever you believe, never believe your employer cares more about you than they care about money.  The people there may care about you, your boss probably cares a lot about you (hopefully), but the sad truth is that the company cares nothing about your mortgage, lifestyle, or vacation plans, Mr. Scarecrow.  I’m surprised that is so surprising.

No fucks are given when pocket lettuce is involved, and corporations are all about the salad. The math should be pretty easy once The Scarecrow finally gets to Oz and receives his brain.